Home remedies for facial hair are easy and often painless. Home remedies for facial hair often take advantage of the products that you already have in your home. They are simple methods that you can prepare easily and will take little effort on your part for the removal of excess facial hair. Natural cures and treatments are great for you skin since no added chemicals harm your skin. Here are a several home remedies for removing facial hair. The steps are easy. Just a note; the remedies may take some time to produce a result but they do work. Follow the instructions completely and use the technique as often as recommend to help with facial hair excess.

Paste method. A simple home remedy for unwanted facial hair. Form a paste by combining sugar, fresh lemon juice and water. The paste should be thick and not runny. Using a brush, apply the sugar paste to the areas where you need a home remedy for facial hair. Always apply the paste in the direction that the facial hair grows. Once you have applied the paste to unwanted facial hair, leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse of with warm water. You can use this application for unwanted facial hair twice per week.

Mask method. This home remedy for unwanted facial hair is similar to the paste method as it contains fresh lemon juice. Take one tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice and combine it with 4 tablespoons of honey. Mix well. Apply the honey lemon mask to unwanted facial hair with a brush. Again, always apply the mask for unwanted facial hair in the direction of hair growth to get the best results. Leave this mask on your face for ten to fifteen minutes and rinse of with warm water. Blot your face dry. You may use this home remedy for unwanted facial hair twice a week.

Sticky paste method home remedy for facial hair. In a kitchen mixing bowl, combine one egg white, one teaspoon of sugar, a half of a teaspoon of corn starch and a quarter of a teaspoon of turmeric. Blend this mixture real well until you notice that paste has become sticky. Take this home remedy for facial hair and apply it to unwanted hair using a brush once again in the direction of unwanted hair growth. Leave on the sticky paste mask for fifteen minutes and wipe off with a warm, damp wash cloth. This sticky facial hair remedy can be used twice a week.

The remedies above are easy and natural home remedies for facial hair. The pastes and mask use ingredients that will eventually help to remove hair but give your skin antioxidants and vitamins that are beneficial for the skin. The lemon juice contains vitamin C which is an excellent vitamin for helping your skin to heal. Turmeric is a wonder powder from times of old. Turmeric has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. These easy home remedies for facial hair are much better for your skin than harsh chemical skin treatments. Whip up a mask or paste and treat yourself to a spa day right in your own home.

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